Lusitana FC Announces Affiliation With Bayside FC

Lusitana Sports FC is proud to announce its alliance with Bayside FC. This alliance provides our youth soccer players with top-level training opportunities and competition.

“We are thrilled to form a partnership with Lusitana Sports. This affiliation is designed to provide top-level developmental opportunities for the top youth players in New England while expanding the footprint of Bayside FC. We are excited to share this goal with Lusitana Sports FC” said John Mark Andrade, President of Bayside FC.

“Lusitana Sports FC is tremendously excited about the new partnership with Bayside FC. This partnership will allow our players to compete at a higher level and in different leagues across New England as well as expose our players and coaches to the vast opportunities provided by Bayside FC,” said Victor Oliveira, President of Lusitana FC.

What does this mean for Lusitana?

Effective immediately we are part of the Bayside family of soccer clubs. Our two clubs will collaborate on training and coaching opportunities for our players. This relationship will allow us to compete in NEP in the 2018/19 season. By playing in NEP our players will be exposed to a higher level of competition which will draw more attention from college coaches to our teams. The following list is just a part of the additional opportunities this relationship will provide our club and our players.

  • Bayside FC will endorse Lusitana Sports Futebol Club New England Premiership (NEP) membership. This means that next year we will compete in NEP.
  • Lusitana Sports Futebol Club Staff will have opportunities to attend NEP Coaching Symposiums and Bayside FC Coaches Meetings
  • Lusitana Sports Futebol Club Staff will have opportunities to attend Development Academy training sessions hosted by Bayside FC.
  • All Lusitania players will be permitted to be part of Bayside FC’s technical sessions (6) throughout the course of the year at Bayside FC field. As well as some goalkeeper training sessions and strength and conditioning sessions at Bayside FC field.
  • All Lusitana Sports Futebol Club U15 – U19 players will have access to the Bayside FC College Information evening
  • Collaboration on Player Identification events, Winter Tryouts, and Development Academy Identification clinics
  • Bayside and Lusitana players will share the same club player passes allowing teams to support each other when short for tournaments or when school events can reduce player availability.

From a player and coaching perspective we will become one club with Bayside, but we will not lose our identity. We will still have our patch on our uniforms along with Bayside’s patch. We will still be based in Cumberland. We will still have our dinner and other things that make Lusitana the family that it is. We are proud to have joined Bayside’s family of soccer clubs and we are excited about the opportunities this will bring for our players now and in the future. Thank you for being part of our family.

– Victor Oliveira